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No other membership site gives you so much for so little. The Inner Circle costs less per year than many (or most?) membership sites charge per month!

The members-only site serves this site and several other sites I own, so it's like belonging to 5 membership sites for the price of one. You'll find a lot more than just more graphics. See below...

Member's Site Features and Benefits

  • Online Utilities...
    Lots of cool online utilities and code generators, including: Colored Scrollbar Generator, Pop-up Window Generator, Slide-in menu generator, a Banner Maker, Page Colorizer, SubMenu Generator, Color Pickers, Email Cleaner, and much more.

  • Over 100 Computer Tips...
    You'll find a growing archive of computer tips for Windows 98 and XP. There are currently well over 100 great tips - many that you probably won't find anywhere else - with more coming. Good stuff!

  • Exclusive Fonts...
    Exclusive "Boogie Jack" made fonts only available to members. Make graphics for your site with fonts very few others have! [ Preview Samples ]

  • Web Design tutorials...
    Lots and lots of tutorials not found in the public area, well over 100 tutorials and growing. Great tutorials from the guy that wrote the book Web Site Design Made Easy used in hundreds of colleges, universities, high schools, and tech schools world-wide.

  • Free software...
    Yes, you get free software and free eBooks. Other sites offer this software and eBooks for sale, but I purchased the rights to give it to you - but I am restricted to giving it away only to members. The list is small now, but I'm always on the lookout for more to add. Others sell these items, so I can't tell you what they are, but you'll find out once you join.

  • Free Content...
    A small but growing archive of content you can reprint on your web site or in your newsletter. Plus you can contribute your original articles for others to use so you can draw more traffic to your site. Each article you submit that gets used by someone is linked to your web site so that increases your traffic and increases your search engine link popularity, so you really win, win, win with this.

  • Free Graphics...
    I offer free professionally made web graphics on two of my sites, but by far the most graphics are in the Inner Circle member's site. Tiles, textures, borders, buttons, complete graphics sets and more, there's enough to choke a horse! Plus, members don't have to link back to whichever of my sites they got them from. Of course, if you do, members can earn a commission on any sales they refer!

  • Deep Discounts...
    When I come out with new software, members always get a chance to buy it at a discount. I periodically offer members a discount on my established software too. Members always get the deepest discounts I offer. Discount offers usually run from 25-60% off my published price!

  • More Discounts...
    I also arrange for exclusive discounts of up to 50% off on current-version software from a great variety of other software companies. No one else does this for you! These discounts are exclusive to Inner Circle members and announced in most issues of the newsletter. Members saw almost $3000.00 worth of discount offers the first year, after that I quit quit keeping track. Here are just a few examples of the savings members have received in the past:

    • 25% off TopStyle Pro CSS Editor
    • 50% off Hot Dog Pro HTML Editor
    • 25% off QuikStore Shopping Cart
    • 33% off WebLog Expert
    • 20% off Blaze Media Pro
    • 25% off HTML Protector
    • 15% off 1 Cool Button Tool
    • 20% off Swish Flash Animator
    • 50% off MP3 Wolf
    • 25% off Hardwood Hearts Card Game
    • 25% off DHTML Menu Builder
    • 25% off FantaMorph
    • 34% off Font Creator Pro
    • 25% off Antechinus Javascript Editor
    • 33% off Registry Medic
    • 30% off Make PDF for Word
    • 25% off PocoMail
    • 20% off Business Card Designer Plus
    • 20% off Outlook Spam Filter
    • 35% off hiContact
    • 20% off Calendar Maker Pro

    ...just to name a few! Plus, whenever you want a software product you see just drop me a line with the program name and web site address and I'll try to arrange a discount for all members. There is power in numbers!

    Full disclosure: I can't always arrange for discounts for each issue because it does take vendor cooperation, and occasionally the well is dry. I do manage to arrange dozens of discounts each year -- typically 2-4 software programs are discounted each issue.

  • Inner Circle Newsletter...
    In addition to access to the members-only site you get the expanded members version of Almost a Newsletter. My award-winning ezine is filled with web design tips, answers to subscriber's personal and web design questions, quick tips, plus life-enhancing advice and encouragement. Don't underestimate the value of friendly voice that offers inspiration and wisdom...such as it is. :)

Any intelligent person can clearly see there are great advantages to being an Inner Circle member. With excellent reasons to join like those outlined above, plus my low yearly membership fee and even lower renewal fee, joining is obviously a very smart move. That's why the renewal rate is close to 90% - that's almost unheard of for membership sites.

My hectic schedule is your reward!

I don't automatically renew memberships, so you don't have to worry about surprises. Plus, with my hectic schedule I often forget to send out renewal notices, or just don't have time. While I can't promise you'll get free time added to your membership, it often happens that a person gets a free month or two before I send a renewal notice. I usually offer an extra month or two for renewing too, so you really can end up with several months extra at no extra cost.

Sounds good, but how much is it to join?

I want to make sure that once you join, you want to remain a member. I take pride in having satisfied members, and I know you won't stay a member if you're not happy. With my way-less-than-greedy pricing, I'm pretty sure you'll be happy and will want to remain a member.

Most membership sites charge $25.00 a month or more, so if I said it was just $10.00 a month you'd probably think that was pretty fair. If I said it was just $5.00 a month you'd know for sure that's more than fair!

Are you ready for a pleasant surprize?

An Inner Circle membership is just $2.00 a month. You may think I'm crazy, but you know this is a fantastic deal, and that's no sales hype. By any measure, it's simply an honest-to-goodness great deal, period.

You win!

Your first year is only $24.00, just $2.00 per month, and renewing is always cheaper than the basic membership! That makes this a no-brainer. I charge less for one year than nearly everyone else with a high-quality resource like this charges per month.

But wait...if you like incredible savings, I'm also going to give you a chance to make that deal even more amazing. You can choose the basic membership, which includes all you've read about so far, or opt for a bonus package with your membership and save up to 71% on some of my most popular software if you join right now.

Which package do you prefer?

Packages ---» IC Basic Master Special Education Special Superstar Special Ultimate Lifetime
1 year membership Yes Yes Yes Yes Lifetime Pass! *
Member Site Access Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Member Freebies Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Fonts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
$ Saving Newsletter Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
CSS Master - Yes - Yes Yes
MetaTag Master - Yes - Yes Yes
SEOS - - Yes Yes Yes
eBook Farming - - Yes Yes Yes
URL Alphabetizer - - - Yes Yes
HTML Protector - - - Yes Yes
Background Magic - - - - Yes
Magic Image Packs - - - - Yes
Surprise Gift - - - - Yes
Package Price $24.00 $33.00 $39.00 $59.00 $149.00
»--- Look at the cost of these packages if you purchased each item separately!  ···v
Purchased Separately n/a $49.00 68.00 $143.00 $219.90**
You Save n/a $16.00 $29.00 $84.00 n/a ***

* Obviously I won't live forever, at least not in this human body. The Lifetime membership is until I retire or sell my web sites. I have no plans for either at this time. If I do sell the sites one day I will absolutely try to write into the contract that lifetime memberships be honored.
** The surprise gift will always be worth at least $17.00, but could be worth more.
*** Cost savings for Lifetime memberships can't be calculated because your savings increase each year due to no renewal fees.

A Bit of Wisdom

Anyone can see the wisdom, or lack of it, in past decisions. That is hindsight. True wisdom lies in making intelligent decisions that affect your future. If you believe you would benefit from an Inner Circle membership, be wise and sign up today!

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If you like these backgrounds...'ll really love the members-only site! Not only are there far more graphics, but there are tons of web design tutorials, computer tips, online webmaster utilities, free software and much more.

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