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If you like this site please link to it. It's provided as a free service to the Internet community. There are no restrictions on the kinds of sites that can use graphics from here.

The only thing is, if the site isn't used enough I might as well take it down and save my hosting and bandwidth fees. If it is used, I don't mind paying the fees so the web community will have another quality resource.

The way to ensure that enough traffic comes here to justify keeping it open is for you to link to it from your site! Here's the code:

<a href=""></a>

Feel free to add a site description of your own choosing if you like. You may also modify the link so that it opens in a new window if want to. Just add: target="_blank" to the end of the link.

If you like these backgrounds...'ll really love the members-only site! Not only are there far more graphics, but there are tons of web design tutorials, computer tips, online webmaster utilities, free software and much more.

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